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WHY I WRITE …………..

That is one of the biggest reasons I started my own blog is because I JUST WANT TO WRITE. I have always enjoyed keeping a journal and my husband has always told me that he thinks I write and do so well in putting things into words, so this is a way I thought I could express myself in writing about my family, where my husband and I grew up, and how married life has made me so happy and whole (were in our second year of marriage.)

Writing is more like a meditation to me because I get so much enjoyment out of it and with me being a stay at home wife I really would like for my time here to count for others so in doing so I hope to inspire others to say the least. I find and get so much pleasure out of the blogs I follow-up on that I hope to inspire others with what I write. I will also be writing about my life in our home and the kind of things I love and enjoy doing that get me through the day. Some days are more stressful than others as I’m sure that happens with everyone.

I have lived in Kentucky (the bluegrass state ) my whole life and now I’m living closer to Ten. We live in a small town now and I’m finding that I like that a lot better than living in the inner city fast life. I believe my husband and I came to a time in our lives when we just wanted to live peacefully and relax, as I said this is where I  find peace in writing and I love it here this is where I married my husband.  I chose to start my blog not to long ago after reading so many I enjoyed, thought that I could bring happiness to others when there reading mine. I find happiness in reading others and knowing and being able to read  about what goes on in other’s everyday lives. I absolutely enjoy it everyday !

I’m trying to keep up with this and make it a priority and commit to it. I’ve noticed I’ve read here and there that several blogs have disappeared along the way. I will also tell you that there are several things I’m looking into and will enjoy reading about since we are in our second year of marriage so I will always be looking for ways to save money. (couponing, budgeting, recipes, prayer, faith,marriage, writing, reading, etc.


So I hope you will enjoy my journey with me along the way and I wanted to inform others and hopefully inspire them in WHY I WRITE ! GOD BLESS !