The Life of God Within Us

The word of God says we are creatures once we know and believe in Jesus Christ as being the Son of God so what that means is that the old you and me are dead because of the new birth of Jesus Christ living within us…….

What this means is that when we act crazy and get out of line and do or say something sinful or shameful that’s not really who we are…..

 Paul in Romans 12:2 talks about getting our mind (not our spirits) renewed because we possess the life of God within us. What enemy does is use the power within us. What enemy does is use the power of suggestion to cause us to act or say as our old man (nature) did but when were in Jesus Chains of bondage is no longer on us and we know because we now have power of choice to act upon something where as our old man was in bondage to act out of who we were and that’s sinners….

Sinners sin is with no conscious or no remorse because that’s who we once were. But now that were in Christ we have a conscious of our sin. Yes we do sin as Christians but not like we used to, but not like we use to. There is a righteous soul in us that cause us to want to live and do right, and sometimes we win and sometimes we loose. That’s why we have to practice righteousness through renewing our minds…..

Paul said it best when he said “It’s no longer that I do wrong but it is the sin that is in me (in my flesh). He didn’t say he had sin in his spirit because he knew he had Jesus in his heart, but his flesh and our flesh is still weak to sin….

So the message today is WHO ARE YOU ?



When we met…..

My parents had just recently separated and we had always lived in Ohio, my father was employed at Genera Motors. We’ll just say that the alcohol ended up getting the best of my father and then my mother later in years after she had tolerated so much of my fathers drinking and those are her words not mine. I love my father dearly.We ended up moving to Coving-ton, Kentucky, my mother had a sister that lived there. My sister and I were taking a walk one night out of boredom as teenagers do or I was believe I was 12, maybe 13. A guy ended up stopping my sister and talking to her that ended up being her boyfriend when the time became right and my husband today ended up being with him so we talked some. We were both so very young then as you can tell so I developed an immediate crush that lasted for years and years as you’ll be able to tell as my story goes on to more. So my husband now even though we were friends ended up marrying another, I was heart broken even though I never let him know that. I saw him for years in passing or I would see him with his brother in passing when he came to visit my sister who was now his girlfriend. Then the visits got to be not so much. He tells me today I was never home when he came to my mothers with his brother. I was usually gone or working, I always maintained employment in my younger years. With my mother being in the bottle a lot of times I wanted to be at work or gone because I always felt like I never knew what I was walking into before opening the door when I arrived home. Let’s just say my mother was a different kind of mother and she was definitely completely self involved with her favorite pass time – her drink ! We were at this time living back in Ohio, my mother and us chose to make a move there so my mother could get out of an abusive relationship. ( I’m sure I will have plenty to tell and write on this subject later as it ended up becoming a part of my life in younger years. I am a firm believer it becomes a pattern in families. More on that later and I will sure have alot to say on this subject,) So basically we both endd up going our separate ways until years later when I at the time was living in Northern Kentucky. I had a nephew that had moved to Whitley city Ky. to go and be with his real father that he had not seen in probably 20 years and my life was I guess we would say in a spiral and going no where so I decided that I would come here and live with my nephew to restart, recharge or re-negotiate my life. It was definitley time for some change and yes I do believe that a geographical change can and, will and has positive changes in it for the better. I’m living proof of that! My husband now just happens to be my or our nephews Uncle. My nephew’s father was my brother in law ( my husbands brother) my nephew’s mother was my sister. And yes if you noticed I said was and I will get to that later also because they are both deceased. Sad but true, we were all devastated! So here in this small town is where I was re-united with my husband. I walked into his work to visit him and he didn’t even know it was me. He ells me the day I walked into his work “look who just walked into my life” and that he knew change for the better was coming”. It was as if both of us fell in love instantly. I have never felt more complete, fulfilled, more comfortable with someone and loved then I did when I knew I was in love with him. For we all know how hard it is to be completely comfortable with that special loving person. That was on September the 13, 2012 and on October 31, 2012 we were married. And yes I know rather quickly yet we both knew we were perfect for each other yet I’m having the best time of my life. I was beginning to think and believe that kind of true love was not in the cards for me. But still God knew for he blessed with the most caring, loving, loyal husband I could have ask for when I was ready and on his time not mine. So this is a short version about how we met so we’ll just say to be continued………….

How did you name your Blog ?

My blog originally started out as Home with Vicky because I spend so much time at home and consider myself at the present a full-time home maker. I struggled with this and didn’t feel as if it had a click on me title that viewers would care to read or view. So I gave it a lot of thought over the next few days and started to reconsider my title for a lot of different reasons. My husband and I have been married for seventeen months and as my husband and I were laying in bed one night I was talking with him about “What should I name my blog”. I would really appreciate your help on this one as we lied in bed thinking away and grasping at different ideas since I really wanted my blog to be about all different kinds of circumstances that we may go through in life or what we’ve been through in life and how far we’ve come.  We have both been through so much and have come so far. ( I’ll get to that at another time since I have so much I hope to write about for my viewers.) So my husband said to me “what do you think about Humble Beginnings”? I said”Oh I like that”since we are new in our marriage and sharing a life together and it caused me to stop and think about how I’ve learned to be humble and what it really means to me and about how to humble yourself. I mean I never even really considered even feeling humbled until I met the love of my life and how much it changed my life and for the first time in my life i was able to say “I am happy”. So as of this night the name of my blog was to be Humble Beginnings. I hope to write about life, love, marriage, being a stay at home wife at the present time. All the things us woman do at home and in our home, food we love to eat together,  food we don’t, what goes on in my everyday life how I am learning to create a humble life together with my husband. What I love to do, what I don’t, my faith in God and how I’m enjoying the Grace of God in my life and easier ways for us woman to do everything we normally do in life and more. So I hope all the bloggers out there get some enjoyment out of reading and viewing my blog and if it makes one persons day a little better and brighter than I can say I’m doing something wonderful ! And I would absolutely love hearing from other bloggers about how you came to name your blog so please let me know and I’m sure others would love to know also……….

Some of my favorite Quotes !

1. God made you homeless for a reason – Sabrina Richards

2. I type with purpose up in the air

3. All major changes are like death you can’t see to the other side until you are there

4. Drink nothing with out seeing it , sign nothing without reading it

5. Whoever gossips to you will gossip about you