About Vickie

I’m happily married and enjoy a being a wonderful wife to my husband. My passions are reading all the best books or anything that’s beneficial ! Another passion I have is writing whenever I feel I have something beneficial  to write about  or when ever I jump on my computer and start typing away or writing in my journal, I love the feel of the pen to the paper !. I enjoy cooking and elegant dinners with my husband  whether it be in the comfort of our own home or going out. I spend a lot of time at home so I live by ” there s a place for everything” even though it drives my husband crazy ! My faith in God means everything to me I must say I am passionate about that also! I guess all in all  he would call me to organized , a clean freak , a book worm , true believer of our Lord Jesus Christ ( he is to )  and a very lovely lady ! I hope you all think so to and yes I’m from Kentucky !

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