Going from writer-homemaker……. ??

Yes I have these thoughts a lot. I can be sitting alone at home and all different kinds of things start to go through my mind about all the things I can write about. Yet when it comes time it always seems I’m at a loss of words for what to say. I reflect on all the things I’ve journalled about over the years and all the times I wrote about growing up during my childhood and what it taught me, how far I’ve come in life and how strong I’ve become as an individual. As I have told my viewers I enjoy writing and expressing myself yet I often wonder will others get the enjoyment out of reading it as I do writing it. Will they want to hear about me growing up in a n alcohol infested environment and home and that being the reason for my parents divorce. Yes I question myself all the time yet I continue to write. I want this to be a priority in my life in finding my niche in life.

My employment out of the home is limited due to having COPD and having a lot of breathing problems. With that comes you can not over exert yourself , walk, run, or lift a lot so I finally decided that my best work can and would be done sitting down. I am not a high school graduate, I have had some college so am I worthy of ever having a stay at home career as a writer – blogger. Yes I believe I am. I don’t want to sit here and feel as if I’m writing about the same things everyday. I just want my viewers and readers to know I am working daily to research and learn about things that you will want to know about and also write about my life and the doings that go on everyday that can and will inspire you. I read so much writing I love and enjoy that inspires me. After all I’ve read from so many passionate bloggers blogs that is why I made the decision to start one of my own. One day I thought mmmm I really do have a lot I could say.

Even though my husband and I are going through a really hard time on our marriage because we are preparing as we speak to down-size tremendously I know in our future it will become a divine life lesson that made our marriage and our relationship stronger. My husband is so supportive of me in everything I do. As of right now in starting my blog I am a home maker and I want to be able to say to everyone one day I am a writer, maybe I should start telling myself I am a writer that would be a good start !

I myself believe that if you read an article on a blog you should leave a comment on feedback, what you thought of the article or what you would like to see in the future. I almost always make it a point to comment on what ever it may be I read to give the writer some type of feedback or praise or even let them know what I would like to see on their blog in the future. It makes my day to get on this computer and just consume information and write about what I think, know or for see for the future. In this article I believe you could say I’m writing about writing. I don’t know what it will be perceived as but take it for what you wish and feel free to leave feedback or comments in the comment section. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading.


Let me know how you feel about what I write !

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