The Life of God Within Us

The word of God says we are creatures once we know and believe in Jesus Christ as being the Son of God so what that means is that the old you and me are dead because of the new birth of Jesus Christ living within us…….

What this means is that when we act crazy and get out of line and do or say something sinful or shameful that’s not really who we are…..

 Paul in Romans 12:2 talks about getting our mind (not our spirits) renewed because we possess the life of God within us. What enemy does is use the power within us. What enemy does is use the power of suggestion to cause us to act or say as our old man (nature) did but when were in Jesus Chains of bondage is no longer on us and we know because we now have power of choice to act upon something where as our old man was in bondage to act out of who we were and that’s sinners….

Sinners sin is with no conscious or no remorse because that’s who we once were. But now that were in Christ we have a conscious of our sin. Yes we do sin as Christians but not like we used to, but not like we use to. There is a righteous soul in us that cause us to want to live and do right, and sometimes we win and sometimes we loose. That’s why we have to practice righteousness through renewing our minds…..

Paul said it best when he said “It’s no longer that I do wrong but it is the sin that is in me (in my flesh). He didn’t say he had sin in his spirit because he knew he had Jesus in his heart, but his flesh and our flesh is still weak to sin….

So the message today is WHO ARE YOU ?



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